Explore our trails and see world famous destinations like the sink hole and Western Brook Gorge 

300 + kms of trail

The west Coast of Newfoundland, Canada located within the Humber Valley region and neighbouring the Gros Morne National Park. Connecting the following communties, Pynn's Brook, Deer Lake, Reidville, Wiltondale, Cormack, Howley and Buchans to each other as well as to the provinvial network.

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​Local Excursions

The Sink Hole

Another location that is located within the Gros Morne National Park limits. The Sinkhole itself is a large depression in the earth that sinks down well over a hundred feet. A frozen waterfall from the top to the rocks below is pretty neat. Local lore suggests that it eventually drains into Little Bonne Bay Pond. You can climb down with the help of a rope and explore the bottom but please use caution.

​Junction Trail Blazers

Western Brook Pond (Gorge)

Western Brook Gorge as its known to locals is a very popular destination located within the limits of the Gros Morne National Park. It's an attraction that is sure to impress.